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Silver Coqui Sea Glass

Silver Coqui Sea Glass

Project Description

Silver Coqui Sea Glass is a small business that specializes in crafting sea glass decor as well as custom bespoke sea glass art. The owner sought a website revamp with the focus on enhancing the user experience and adding information about custom work and upcoming markets and events. As Silver Coqui Sea Glass operates solely online without a physical storefront, its promotional efforts heavily rely on internet traffic to showcase products and announce in-person events. Consequently, the owner sought a website design that seamlessly caters to these requirements, aiming for a cohesive and unified appearance throughout.

home page of Silver Coqui website


Silver Coqui Sea Glass wanted an updated online storefront to accommodate frequent product additions with effective categorization. To address this, the store required improved organization and filtering options for seamless online browsing.

In addition to the online storefront, Silver Coqui wanted to highlights its custom artwork services. To achieve this, a dedicated webpage was envisioned, showcasing previous projects, client testimonials, and compelling calls-to-action to engage potential customers.

Finally, Silver Coqui aimed to promote its presence at various markets and events, crucial for sales despite the absence of a physical storefront. To streamline this process, the owner sought website functionality enabling easy addition and automatic updates of events, ensuring visitors stay informed about upcoming engagements.


The client expressed the need for an updated storefront that prioritizes excellent user experience and easy navigation. Given that the business produces unique artwork, including one-of-a-kind pieces and occasionally unavailable items like trays and jewelry, the owner sought a solution that maintains visual appeal even when certain categories are not in stock.

To tackle this challenge, we implemented a single-page storefront with robust filtering capabilities. Initial display showcases the latest products, while users can refine their search through filter options conveniently located on the left-hand side. With hundreds of products requiring updates to align with this new system, the revamped storefront significantly enhances the overall user experience for online shoppers.

silver coquis online storefront

Call to Action

Silver Coqui takes pride in crafting custom artwork tailored to its customers' specifications and preferences. The owner envisioned a dedicated webpage to showcase previous custom projects and convey to potential clients the personalized experience they can expect when collaborating with Silver Coqui.

On the homepage, a brief overview of the custom artwork services serves as an invitation for customers to learn more by clicking a designated button. This button redirects users to a comprehensive webpage detailing Silver Coqui's custom artwork services. Here, visitors can explore a collection of past commissioned pieces, peruse testimonials, and gain insights into the custom work process. Alongside this information is a prominent call-to-action button prompting visitors to submit their own custom work requests.

This supplementary informational page is integral to Silver Coqui's mission of effectively advertising, highlighting, and elucidating its services to prospective customers.

silvercoquis custom artwork page

Dynamic Pages

Silver Coqui Sea Glass sought a dedicated platform on their website to publicize upcoming market events and festivals. The client required a user-friendly method to update the event calendar while ensuring only upcoming events were showcased on the website.

In my role as the web developer, I explored various plugins compatible with the client's Content Management System, Wix. My objective was to identify a visually appealing solution that effectively presented key event details and automatically updated the website as events concluded. Additionally, I aimed to provide the client with an intuitive interface for seamlessly adding new events.

After thorough testing and experimentation, we identified a plugin that met all requirements and seamlessly integrated with the website. This solution empowered Silver Coqui to effectively promote and manage their in-person events while maintaining ease of use for future updates.

silver coqui event web page


In summary, Silver Coqui Sea Glass has revamped its website to offer a seamless shopping experience and highlight its custom artwork services. With a user-friendly storefront and dedicated pages for showcasing past work and upcoming events, Silver Coqui is enhancing customer engagement and reinforcing its commitment to quality and creativity.