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Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip

Project Description

This Paint and Sip website was developed to help bring people together during the COVID-19 pandemic. I decided to host virtual watercolor classes for friends and colleagues to bring people together while we navigated the challenges of quarantine.

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Despite having a considerable interest in my services, I lacked an online platform or venue to detail class information, costs, and registration procedures. Although I didn't require an elaborate or costly platform for my website, I wanted it to be user-friendly, functional, and visually appealing.

Design and User Experience

In terms of design, my goal was to enable visitors to effortlessly access information about the available classes, their schedule, and an easy sign-up process. The landing page provides quick visual insights into the offered classes and the required materials. Clicking on each class series directs users to separate pages with detailed information, including costs and class schedules.

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Each page incorporates a clear call-to-action, streamlining the signup process for users interested in a particular class. To facilitate registrations, I implemented an embedded Google Form on the signup page, ensuring a seamless experience for users while allowing me to efficiently manage client information.

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In summary, the website emphasizes user-friendly design, enabling easy access to class information and a straightforward signup process. The landing page provides a visually appealing snapshot of available classes, while detailed pages offer comprehensive details on costs and schedules. Clear calls-to-action streamline registration, and the embedded Google Form on the signup page ensures a seamless user experience and efficient management of client information. This website is a testament to the commitment to creating an accessible and enjoyable virtual painting experience.